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*Mick Jagger*
Amor knows his history. On the golden island in the Loire Clovis, the first French king, made a peace deal with Charles the Great (Charlemagne). More recently another VIP bought his own chateau, only a couple of minutes away from the town: Mick Jagger. Amor: “He knows the area very well. As a young kid he spend his vacations here. Now, he sometimes has a drink in The Shaker.” In his youth Jagger must have visited all the castles in the area. Amboise is like a spider in a web of more than 50 of them, as Chenonceau and the castle d’Ussé (according to the legend the castle of The Sleeping Beauty)). Some are huge, others smaller. But they all trigger the imagination, like the castle of the small village Loches, home of Richard Lionheart. In Rue du Republique you’ll find Amors favorite hatshop May, where they sell Stetsons made of rabbit fur (300 euro) For those who want to see all castles from the air there is the ‘Balloon Revolution’-company. “Balloonflights are extremely popular here.” But you can also bike through the area – there are many beautiful routes – or travel around in one of the classic cars of Olivier de Serres (‘Citroen Traction’). Afterwords you can always relax on the romantic terrace of Le Shaker. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet Mick Jagger or violinist Amor.
text Corrie Verkerk for www.Hoera.tv international